110KW large power solar pump inverter for without battery system

110KW large power solar pump inverter

Product Features:

1, VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) algorithm, fast response speed, running stability, to solve the traditional MPPT method question of poor tracking effect, unstable running and even the problem of water hammer damaged under when under rapidly changes in the intensity of sunlight.

2, Adopted new type of frequency conversion technology, ensure the pump also can work in the case of less sunshine, make the best use of solar cell array power.

3,Full digital control, automatic operation, data storage, and perfect protection function, can achieve unattended.

4, Based on the design concept of developing environmental protection and economical PV products, choose water storage to replace battery storage, no battery device, direct drive pump pumping, the unit with high reliability, and at the same time greatly reduce construction and maintenance costs.

5, Intelligent power module is used in the main circuit, high reliability, conversion efficiency up to 99%.

6, Upper and lower water level detection and control circuit is optional.

7, Can add wind turbine to achieve wind-solar hybrid , can make the pumping system is more stable and more efficient, this feature is optional.


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